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The TASER C2 is a self-defense electronic control device.  Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) use propelled wires to conduct energy to affect the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system.

In addition, the TASER C2 can be used as a direct contact stun device.  The TASER C2 uses a replaceable TASER cartridge, containing compressed nitrogen, to deploy two small probes that are attached to the TASER C2 by insulated conductive wires with a maximum length of 15 feet (4.5 meters).

The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing or one inch per probe.


Our TASER C2 Package


  • 1 Battery
  • 5 Reg  Cartridges
  • 1 Training Cartridge
  • plus 1 target.





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Disclaimer Important:

TASER electronic control devices are not considered firearms and are legal to carry in most states without permits.

Restricted from consumer use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, MI, HI, District of Columbia, and certain cities and counties.